FNBC Money Market

The FNBC Money Market account allows you to earn higher interest while having easier access to your money. It allows customers to assess their financial options and is a great way to invest money for the future, all while generating tiered interest.

Statement Savings

Statement Savings from FNBC lets you build your balance with interest and access your money anytime. Whatever you’re saving for, this account is a wise investment.

Provides the best in savings – high yield and no commitments!*


Companion Deposit from FNBC is an account designed to accompany newly issued CDs. Customers who open CDs with monies not currently held at FNBC are eligible for our premium priced Companion Deposit Account of equal or lesser value to your new CD. This hybrid account offers yields like a CD and the access to withdraw at any time like a savings.


Call or stop by any of our locations today for more information!


*Companion Deposit Account must be opened or funded the same day as the associated time deposit (CD). No minimum deposit required to open. No minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge. Interest compounded quarterly, credited quarterly. Unlimited withdrawals in person. Personal accounts only.
Piggy Bank Savings Club

Learning sound financial practices doesn’t have to be hard — this account is proof! Designed to help kids learn the value of saving, this interest-bearing account comes with a piggy bank and other prizes to encourage children to save. Saving is fun and easy with this account!

FNBC Christmas Club

Ensure the stockings are sufficiently stuffed next Christmas with a designated account where your money can earn interest year round. Set up automatic transfers so you won’t even have to think about it. When the holidays are approaching, we’ll transfer the balance to your checking account so you’ll be ready!

FNBC Health Savings Accounts

Prepare for tomorrow’s health and medical expenses today by setting aside funds in a tax-advantaged HSA where you earn interest on your balance until you need it. Pay for approved expenses online or by check card. It’s a great way to offset a high deductible on your insurance plan.

Certificates of Deposit

Interest rates go up and down, but with a CD from FNBC, you can lock in a rate for the term of your choice. No “guesstimating” what your return will be — we offer fixed rates and a wide variety of terms so your money is available when you need it. Fixed rates based on term of CD.


CDARS is another option if you’re concerned about staying below the FDIC limit. With the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service from FNBC, you can save time and energy from taking CDs to various financial institutions in order to say below the FDIC limit. Simply use this valuable service and we will place your money in CDs at other participating banks, each one under the FDIC limit, keeping your investments streamlined and insured. You will receive one consolidated statement, and only work with FNBC — we do the rest!

Please contact FNBC at 870.994.2311 or visit one of our 10 locations in north central Arkansas to speak with a Consumer Relationship Manager for more information or to open a CD or CDARS account.


No one knows what the future holds, but with an Individual Retirement Account from FNBC, you can sleep soundly at night knowing when it’s time to retire, you’ll be financially prepared. We offer several options to fit your situation.

Types of IRAs available:

Traditional – pre-tax contribution. Taxes are deferred until funds are withdrawn.

Roth – post-tax contribution. Taxes are paid on the front-end before this contribution is made.

Transfer the cents
to make savings

Transfer the Cents helps you save money while you spend! our
Simply stop by one of our locations or give us a call to start
rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar for quick
and simple savings! Two great options to choose from:

Transfer the cents

Allows you to round up debit card purchases from your checking account to the next whole dollar amount and transfer the difference to the savings or checking account of your choice.
Let’s say you purchase a soda for $1.65 at a local restaurant. Transfer the Cents will automatically round your transaction up to $2.00, transferring the $0.35 difference into your savings or checking account of your choice.

Transfer my ending daily balance

At the end of each business day, we will round the balance in the checking account of your choice down to the next whole dollar amount and transfer the difference to the savings or checking account of your choice.
If your account’s ending balance for the day is $156.45, Transfer the Cents will round your account down to $156.00, transferring the $0.45 difference into your savings or checking account of your choice.

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