VISA Debit Card

Visa Debit Card

With an Instant Issue Debit Card from FNBC Bank, you can be on your way to making purchases to help make your business thrive on the very day you open your account! We even give you the option to put your own identification photo on the card to help reduce the risk of theft.

All debit cards issued by FNBC are EMV chip-enabled. To read more about EMV chip cards, please visit our blog.

Platinum Business Card

Business Platinum Cards

FNBC Bank offers a business credit card designed to help you do business easier. Our card offerings provide exclusive savings and superior customer support. You’ll also earn cash back or reward points each month just by using your credit card!

There are three Platinum Credit Cards to meet your needs: Platinum Classic, Platinum Payback and Platinum Preferred.

Platinum Classic: An Affordable Platinum Card

  • Experience immediate savings thanks to no annual or monthly fees and competitive Annual Percentage Rates.
  • Get online access to all of your spending information for increased financial control.
  • Insure and protect your business travelers with extensive business and travel services.

Platinum Payback: Earn Annual Cash Back as You Spend

Experience all of the benefits of the Business Platinum Card while putting your expenses to work for you with Platinum Payback Program. Expenses are unavoidable. Cash Back is a bonus!

  • Earn 1% Cash Back on all your qualifying purchases.
  • Cash Back will be paid to you automatically on an annual basis.

Platinum Preferred: Convert Your Points to Valuable Rewards

The Business Platinum Preferred Card is designed to make every dollar count. Earn Points on everyday business expenses redeemable for airfare, merchandise and gift card rewards.

  • Opportunity to earn double and triple reward points on qualifying everyday purchases.*
  • Additional card enhancements include identity theft resolution services, travel accident insurance, baggage delay and lost luggage.

*Subject to enrollment and periodic promotions. Terms & Conditions apply.

Business Platinum Perks

Familiar Faces: Now your business has access to unparalleled financial support from your very own financial institution. Local representatives are here to help in the branch you know and trust.

Expense Reporting: As your business grows, efficiently managing your expenses can become a real challenge. Platinum expense reporting enables simple tracking and analysis of expense trends for your company.

Rewards Your Way: Earn Cash Back on your Platinum Payback Card or earn points on your Platinum Preferred Card. Your Rewards, Your Choice. You are automatically enrolled and begin earning cash or points with your first purhcase.

Track Your Rewards: Keep tabs on your rewards and redemptions and manage your finances with a variety of account management tools online at our secure website.

Protection and Security Services: Whether fraudulent charges appear on your bill or you get a flat tire while traveling and need a rental car, you can rest easy knowing your Platinum Credit Card is behind you all the way.

24/7 Customer Support: Have a question about your Platinum account? Our dedicated customer service reps are real people who will answer your call during business hours. In addition, answers to all your card queries are available 24 hours a day, by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or online account management.

Platinum Rewards

Business trips. Technology investments. Client dinners. Many of the costs of doing business are simply unavoidable. With the Platinum Payback and Platinum Preferred Cards you can now earn cash back or rewards for purchases, transforming everyday business expenses into real savings for your company. The Platinum Payback and Preferred Credit Cards make it easy for you and your employees to earn points or cash back for all of your purchases.

Choose the Right Platinum Card For Your Business

Platinum Card Type Platinum Classic Platinum Payback Platinum Preferred
Annual Fee No No No
Rewards Membership Fee No No No
Opportunity to earn unlimited 1% cash back on your purchases No Yes No
Opportunity to earn unlimited one point for every dollar you spend on the card No No Yes
Online access to your Platinum account for monitoring and management Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity to earn double and triple reward points subject to enrollment and periodic promotions No No Yes
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Rewards Expiration and Exceptions

Platinum Preferred Reward Points expire after 3 years. Platinum Payback Cash Back is paid automatically on an annual basis in December, provided that the amount of the Cash Back earned is at least $25.00. Rewards are subject to certain restrictions and exclusions. See complete Rewards Program Rules included with your Card and Cardholder Agreement.

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