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Shazam Bolt$™

The Shazam Bolt$ app is enhanced with convenience and speed! Identifying potential fraud, person-to-person money transfers, monitoring accounts and finding ATMs is easier and faster.

Download the Shazam Bolt$ app today and experience the safety, speed and convenience of mobile. Not only are you protecting your money, but you’re also enjoying the flexibility to manage your accounts wherever the road takes you.

Shazam Bolt$ provides alerts for:

  • Purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds
  • Card-not-present purchases (phone and Internet)
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions

Shazam Bolt$ can instantly:

  • Send fraud alerts 24/7
  • Send money to other Shazam Bolt$ users
  • Block & unblock your card
  • Locate ATMs, nationwide
  • Provide account balance information

New features available:

  • Block transactions over a specific dollar amount
  • Block Internet or phone transactions
  • Block trasactions outside of the U.S.

If a block is in place, transactions will be declined on the spot. The cardholder will receive an alert each time an attempted transaction is blocked. 

Download the Shazam Bolt$ app today or ask us for more information!

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