What steps should I take if I delete the validation email? It is stated that this email cannot be resent.

Please contact the FNBC Deposit Operations team for further instructions should the validation email be deleted. They can be reached at 870.994.2311 or at [email protected].

I’ve selected to fund my account now. How long will it take for my funds to appear in my new FNBC account?

Funding may take up to two days to complete, though we anticipate it be sooner.

I’ve completed my account opening process. When do I get a debit card?

If all steps have been completed, including funding, a debit card will be mailed to the customer. If you are close to an FNBC location, once your account shows that it is successfully funded, you may come in and request an Instant Issue Debit Card for no additional charge for the first issue.

Can I order checks?

Yes, you may order checks for your account by visiting Harland Clarke’s website.

How do I provide my signature for my account?

After the account is successfully opened, FNBC will review the account the next day and a signature card will be mailed to you. You will sign and may either mail the form back to FNBC or drop it off at any of our locations.



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