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Happy Father's Day

Compiled by Marketing Intern Brittany Simers

We undoubtedly receive a wealth of advice over the years from our colleagues, friends, mentors and others who play significant roles in our lives. Among all of this guidance over time, nothing sticks out quite like words of wisdom from Dad. In honor of Father’s Day, we asked our community bankers to share advice and valuable life lessons from their fathers that have inspired them to be the people they are today.

Know your business

“My dad said to keep business and personal finances separate, but when you loan money to family or a friend, consider it a gift. You won’t be out a friend when it doesn’t get paid back.” – Jan Madsen, Consumer Relationship Manager at Cherokee Village

Be an encourager

“My father always said, ‘Be compassionate, patient and forgiving. Always look for the good in others and encourage them to do the same.’”

– Angie Doty, Consumer Relationship Manager at Salem

Set an example

“My father said, ‘Your reputation is your biggest asset, so always be respectful, personable and kind to others.’” – Julie Seat, Branch Manager at Ash Flat

Be prepared

“ ‘It costs the same to keep the top half of the gas tank full as it does the bottom half.’ I guess this was after I had run out of gas, and I had to call him.” – Mark Huscher, Branch Manager at Hardy

Give it your all

“My dad always told me to give everything 100%, so you can always sleep good at night.” – Linda Clear, Branch Assistant at Salem

Be mindful of your finances

“When I was about 15, I asked my dad if I could borrow $3 to go to ‘Bingo’ at the local church. He said, ‘Sure, as long as you agree to give me half of whatever you win.’ I won $15! When I got home, Dad asked how I did. I was giddy about being ‘rich.’ He politely reminded me about the deal we made. I pouted like a two-year-old, but paid him his $7.50. The lesson I learned: Never borrow money without fully understanding and accepting the terms.” – Denise Golden, Deposit Operation Services

Know your priorities

“My dad told me to always put God first, chase my dreams, and never give up.” – Krysta Adams, Loan Operation Services

Have a strong work ethic

“My father said, ‘Work hard, and always be honest.’” – Anita Owens, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Don’t overthink a situation

“My dad said, “‘Don’t try and understand women, just do what they ask of you. It’s easier!’” – Greg Fletcher, Vice President of Loan Operation Services

Put others first

“My father worked in customer service his entire life. Working for him as I grew up, he always told me to treat every customer as family. If they were rude, he told me to give them a smile. If they were impatient, he said to give them my time. He taught me to serve every customer with patience and love and not to just give service, but to give an experience. My father taught me the importance of joy in the workplace.”

– Richard Caster, Branch Manager at Mountain Home

Keep learning

“My dad would say, ‘If you are not learning something every day, something is wrong.’” – Tara Allen, Bank Security Officer

Honesty matters

“My dad used to say, ‘Always be true to your word because it is all you have.’” – Michael Burris, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

We’re thankful for our fathers and father figures in our lives. Happy Father’s Day from FNBC!

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