Parsley to lead iBanker Live Tellers

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Ashley Parsley, Branch Manager of FNBC iBanker Live Tellers

Molly Day, Chief Deposit Officer at FNBC, recently announced Ashley Parsley has been appointed branch manager over the Bank’s new interactive customer delivery channel, iBanker Live Tellers. The Pod, where iBankers are headquartered, is located at FNBC’s main office in Ash Flat.

Parsley joined FNBC in 2015 at its Melbourne office as a Consumer Relationship Manager I and worked her way up to a CRM III, which included new account and consumer lending responsibilities. She most recently served as a Branch Assistant and Branch Manager at the Batesville office.

“Early in the iBanker implementation process, Ashley showed great interest in the new technology and understood the positive impact it would have on serving our customers,” said Day. “I look forward to working with Ashley as she grows as a leader, and know she will continue to look for ways to enhance and elevate the experience across all of our markets.”

In this new role, Parsley will lead the team of iBankers and oversee all aspects of the operations. Additionally, she will be responsible for driving customer adoption in all markets and provide strategic insights and support for future expansion.

Parsley is a native of Cave City, where she and her husband, Cody, reside and have two children.

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