Travel tips for a secure and fun summer

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It’s that time of year again … summer is rapidly approaching, which means manRoad sign indicating Helpful Tips on blurred sky backgroundy families will be packing their bags for vacations! On today’s blog, FNBC Bank’s Security Officer Tara Allen will provide a few tips to help keep your data safe while traveling this summer.

When thinking about what to pack in your suitcase, it is important to remember to protect your information while traveling. Traveling with unprotected information can be an open opportunity for information theft, which could put you and your family in serious danger. Here are some tips to help your family safeguard your information security while traveling:

  • Be aware of Wifi connections. Many hotels have free Wifi services, which can be helpful. However, many people using the same Wifi can make it easier for others to access or “hack” your personal information.
  • Think twice before using a public computer. Logging on to public computers can expose passwords to accounts and social media to others.
  • Keep mobile devices secure. Unused apps, Wifi and Bluetooth can track your location. It’s best to turn them off or delete unused items. Passcodes for phones, tablets, etc., are another way to add security in case a device is stolen.
  • Do not leave mobile devices out. Leaving devices lying out in public places such as a beach or other open areas is dangerous. A device could easily be picked up without you realizing it. Don’t be the victim!

Protecting physical information such as debt and credit cards, insurance and money should be taken into account in addition to guarding information via technology. Here are some pointers to help secure physical information while traveling:

  • Utilize hotel safes. Many hotels and other vacation residences have safes for visitors to keep personal valuables. Just remember, if you receive a code for your safe, it should be kept confidential.
  • The less you keep on you, the better. Before you head out on an adventure, bring only the essentials. Large handbags or totes can be an easy target for theft. Use small, cross-body or sling bags to keep belongings closer to you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. It sounds like common sense, but having a good eye is one of the best methods of protection. Be alert, especially in crowded areas or when traveling overseas. Passports can be extremely hot items for theft because they expose your identity information.

Remember to protect you and your family while on vacation by protecting your information first. FNBC wishes all of our customers safe and happy travels this summer!

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