Guiltner promoted to Senior Vice President

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FNBC President & CEO Marty Sellars has announced the promotion of Rebekah Guiltner to Senior Vice President & Internal Auditor. In her role, she will continue to be responsible for the Bank’s audit and compliance functions, and provide counsel in the implementation of regulatory requirements.

“Rebekah is a trusted and valuable member of FNBC’s Senior Management Team, and we rely heavily on her to help us navigate the increasingly difficult bank regulatory waters,” said Sellars. “She was instrumental in our 2014 charter conversion, and has helped lead our audit department and organization through several successful regulatory examinations. Additionally, she is highly respected within our bank and is role model for our strong employee culture.”

Guiltner began her career with FNBC in September 2000 as a Clerk/Scanner in the Note Department. She was quickly promoted to Audit Assistant in 2001 and then to Internal Auditor/Compliance Officer in 2007. She was promoted to Vice President & Internal Auditor in 2013.

“Rebekah has played a tremendous role in our Bank’s recent success,” said FNBC Chief Risk Officer Dana Batterton. “Her audit and compliance leadership has been important for us as we continue to grow and expand our footprint. Risk management is a vital part of the banking industry and FNBC, and she brings a high level of knowledge, professionalism and integrity to her role.”

She has completed coursework at the University of Central Arkansas and holds certifications in Internal Auditing (CCBIA) and Community Bank Compliance (CCBCO).

She has also passed the Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager exam offered by the American Bankers Association and was inducted into the Institute of Certified Bankers. According to the ABA, the CRCM was established to recognize a standard of knowledge and competence for regulatory compliance managers in the financial industry. In order to take the exam, Guiltner had to work a minimum of three years as a compliance professional and complete a minimum of 80-hours of compliance-related training within five years. In Arkansas, those holding the CRCM credentials are considered to be an elite group of compliance officers, one reason being that there are so few. In 2014, there were only 45.

Guiltner lives in Salem with her husband, Wayne, and their two sons, Hank and Gavin.

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